Flaska – Lasin ystävä

Flaska on Friends of Glass –järjestön jäsen

Lasilla ei ole mitään salattavaa. Lasista tehdyissä pakkauksissa ei ole ainesosia, joilla saattaa olla haitallisia terveysvaikutuksia. Me rakastamme lasia, koska se on hyväksi sinulle, perheellesi ja ympäristöllesi. ( http://www.friendsofglass.com/)

Flaska bottle became the official partner of the organisation Friends of Glass (a European Consumer Forum gathering people who prefer glass as packaging solution for their favoured food and drinks), initiated by European Container Glass Federation (FEVE) and now supported by many other partners.

Friends of Glass promote glass as the best material for food and beverage containers from the health, environmental and aesthetical point of view.

Friend of glass 7495 Reasons to choose glass
Glass is the clear choice. For you. For your family. And for the environment.
Here are 5 good reasons why…

  • Glass respects nature and you
  • Glass has class
  • Glass recycles your way of thinking
  • Glass says cheers to your health
  • Glass has 5000 years of experience

Our partnership in this programme is in a way logical Flaska since has been faithful to glass since its beginnings. And since the first day on we have also been promoting glass as the best material for storing beverages and food. … and of course water. Glass is the first and the biggest advantage of the Flaska bottles! We’re proud to be members of Friends of Glass!