Flaska Attraction Symbols – Success


In this collection, Flaska is featuring the so-called Attraction symbols.

Explanation of the symbol by Maya Peron (www.mayaperon.com):
Tir Kairi helps us acquire a new notion of success and move us in the circle of winners. New, unimagined opportunities open up in front of us while we magnetically attract the energy of success into our lives. Tir Kairi dissolves harmful thinking patterns of failure, which we have mostly obtained during the earliest periods of our lives. The symbol strengthens the consciousness of a winner.

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  • made from glass
  • programmed glass for structured water
  • 3mm neoprene protective sleeve protects Flaska from breaking and helps to keep the water cool
  • attractive designs, 3 sizes
  • no leakage
  • health & environmentally friendly
  • made in Slovenia, EU

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